Café 5 @RFYC

Café 5 at the Royal Findhorn Yacht Club offers breakfast rolls, soups, paninis, cakes and various refreshments. The café open each day from 9:30am until 4:30pm, and on Friday and Saturday is open till 8.30pm to cover evening meals for club members.

The Café 5 Team sends out an email to Members before the weekend, each week with the menu choices for Friday and Saturday evening meals and asks that Members book and pre-order with Café 5 to ensure that there is availability. Those who do not book will have to chance that the Café has food left! As it is a new venture, the Team does not wish to overstock and can therefore keep costs down.

This café is run by four existing staff and a club member – members who use the club regularly will know the whole Team – and each member of the Team has invested time and money to offer this catering to the members and the public, so please, please use café and tell lots of people about the Café 5 as well – the Club and the Café 5 Team need to make this work, not just for the Team, but for the sake of the Club as well.