The club has an active fleet of about fifty boats and almost as many classes. Most racing is therefore under handicap. The club has long had a fleet of the relatively rare National 18s and in 2012 a fleet of RS400s emerged. Class racing for N18s and RS400s is provided. Other classes with more than one boat are the Laser, Topper, Topaz, Feva, RS200, Phantom, 2000 and 29er.

Many Members also sail keelboats and cruisers, racing locally at other clubs and taking part in passages and musters.

National 18

The Club’s most long standing class is the National 18ft Dinghy. Every 4 years, RFYC plays host to the British and Irish National 18ft Championships, with entrants from Ireland, England, the Isle of Man and Scotland.

Scottish Championship Winners

2012 - 339 Howlin' Gael (S. Urquhart)

2011 - 339 Howlin' Gael (S. Urquhart)

2010 - 344 Don't Worry (S. Urquhart)

2009 - 344 Don't Worry (S. Urquhart)

2008 - 344 Don't Worry (S. Urquhart)

2007 - 344 Don't Worry (S. Urquhart)

2006 - 344 Don't Worry (S. Urquhart)

2005 - 344 Don't Worry (S. Urquhart)

2004 - 337 JAFIICA (M. Cruden)

2003 - 344 Don't Worry (S. Urquhart)

2002 - 344 Don't Worry (S. Urquhart)

2001 - 339 Howlin' Gael (D. Stevenson)

2000 - 339 Howlin' Gael (D. Stevenson)

1999 - 339 Howlin' Gael (D. Stevenson)

1998 - 330 Fat Boy Racer (A. Summers)

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