Royal Findhorn Yacht Club

RFYC has appointed a new Club Manager, Alison Smith, with effect from 1st May. Alison's role, which is on a part time basis, is to be responsible for the the day to day management of the Club, including the Bar and Clubhouse, and for the active promotion of the Club facilities with the aim of maximising the use of the Club and growing membership.

Much of Alison's career to date has been spent in charge of facilities which require a high level of managerial input. Latterly, she was the manager of a very sheltered housing project and was required to deliver services to a very high national standard, manage a number of staff, seek opportunities for improvement in services and promote the company to potential customers and users.

Alison is energetic, enthusiastic and will manage and develop all aspects of the Club, particularly the social side and making it attractive to potential members. The Council is sure that we will all welcome Alison to the Club and help her settle in to her new role.

As I mentioned in a Newsletter to Members last November, last season I convened a small group of Council Members and other Members of the Club to consider the long term strategy of the Club and how it might best operate in the future for the benefit of its Members. The Strategy Group has now produced a paper which considers the various options for the Club's future and that paper has been discussed by Council and by the Club's Trustees.

Following that discussion, Council has agreed to the distribution of the paper to Members and also available at:
[Password required]

Council would very much like feedback on the options from as many Members as possible and with that in mind has arranged a consultation day at the Club for Saturday, 10 June between 2 pm and 7 pm when members of Council and the Strategy Group will be available for discussion of the options and to take feedback from Members.

Council also proposes to convene a special general meeting of the Club on Saturday 15 July at 11 am when Council will propose a resolution to the Members based on the consultation process.

The long term survival and prosperity of the Club is clearly important to all of us and I look forward to discussing the options with you.

Best regards,

Michael Barron

Silent Auction: 27 May at 18.00 Come along and join us for a leisurely evening raising much needed funds for a new engine for Safety 1. There will be all kinds of events, services, experiences and items for you to bid on… but remember, do it silently. Cadets and members - If you would like to donate something to be auctioned on the night, please email Sheila on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Many thanks!

The RFYC Council is pleased to announce the appointment of Ian McGhie as the Club's new chef. He is currently the Head Chef at the Cawdor Tavern and before that held the position of Head Chef at the Golf View Hotel, Nairn.

In line with the strategy previously announced; Ian will be concentrating on catering for Members and on running the Piers Cafe which will reopen with Ian in charge. Bar management and the role of Club Manager will be carried out separately by a person appointed specifically to undertake that work.

Ian plans to begin work at the club on Monday 8th May. I am sure that members will give him a warm welcome and their full support as he seeks to revive catering at the club. To give you a taste of what to expect, he has provided the following sample list of dishes, from which the menu during May is likely to be selected.

To ensure that you do not miss out on the culinary renaissance please make a reservation by telephoning the Club on 01309 690247. If there is no answer please leave a message and it will be picked up.