(a) Dinghy.  At least one crewmember must be a member of the Club.

(b) Cruiser. The person whose name will appear on the results sheet as skipper must be a member of the Club.

(c)  Anyone may on an occasional or trial basis enter any race even if the membership criteria are not met. Non-members will not be allowed to win trophies but finishing positions will be recorded and handicap results will be calculated and displayed on the results sheet; any applicable trophy will be awarded to the first eligible competitor. Gordonstoun, the Sea Cadets, the Sea Scouts, Findhorn Marina Sailing School, the RAF, army or anyone with a boat is cordially invited to take part.  Use of the clubhouse by non-members is restricted to the immediate vicinity of the noticeboard but non-members may use the clubhouse as guests of a member if signed in iaw the club rules. Short-term membership is available to summer visitors and should be taken up if more than occasional participation in Club events is intended.

ADRIAN SEWELL TROPHY -  Allocated to a relatively informal event chosen by the Sailing Committee. Sometimes allocated for activity in the field of rescue or race management. In 2013 this has been allocated to an RS200 event.

BATTLE OF BRITAIN CUP -  Open to all dinghies.

BREMNER CUP - Open to dinghies in the Fast Handicap division (in 2013 this trophy is allocated to the Silver Fleet in the club championship event in October).

CADET CUP - Open to dinghy helms under 19 years on the 1st October 2013.

CADET REGATTA SHIELD - Best Team at Cadet Regatta. (In 2013 this trophy will be awarded for the Summer Holidays Cadet Series - age limit to be decided at the start of the series).

CHADWICK CIGARETTE BOX.  Recently returned to the Club by the family of our founder to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the award of the Royal Warrant, this has been allocated to the  club championship event..

COMMODORE’S CUP - Open to all dinghies. 

COMMODORE’S SHIELD - Pursuit race for cruisers (has not been sailed in recent years). In 2013 this trophy will be awarded for the Last Blast dinghy pursuit race.

CRUISER LADY HELM - Cruiser race open to lady helms (not sailed in recent years)

DUNBAR-NASMITH TROPHY - Open to dinghies in the Slow Handicap division. (In 2013 this trophy is allocated to dinghies having a PN > 1190 (approx, exact number tbd)

ENDEAVOUR TROPHY (In memory of John A. Low) - Open to Slow Handicap dinghies, all crewmembers to be under 16 years on 1st August 2013. May only be won once. (In 2013 this trophy will be allocated to a novice event during Findhorn Week.)

FERGUSSON QUAICH - Race open to dinghies with helms under 16 years of age on 1st October 2013.

FINDHORN TROPHY - Race open to dinghies with a crew of at least 2, all crewmembers to be over 50 years of age on the day of the race.

FINDHORN YACHT CUP - Open to all dinghies.

FITTING OUT BURGEE - Open to all dinghies. A prize or cup may be allocated in lieu of a burgee.

FULMAR TROPHY - Open to all dinghies.

GLENBURGIE TROPHY - Open to all dinghies (in 2013 this Trophy will be allocated to the  Handicap Fleet excluding N18s) . Originally donated for an equestrian competition.

GORDENA TROPHY  -  Open to dinghies under 14ft. In 2013 this trophy will be allocated to dinghies with a PN > 1020 (no length limit).

GRIEG CUP  - Dinghy race with regular crew as helm.

JOHNSTON CUP - Passage race for cruisers and dinghies over 18ft (usually starts at Cromarty). Not scheduled this year.

LADY GORDON CUMMING CUP - Open to all dinghies.

LADY RACHEL STUART CUP - Open to dinghies with helm under 18 years on 1st October 2013.

MINMORE CUP - Dinghy race open to lady helms.

MINTON CUP - Dinghy race open to family crews which include a female member.

MUNRO CUP - Race for dinghies with all crewmembers under 17 years on 1st October 2013.

NOVICE CUP - Dinghy race open to Club sailors who have never won a trophy.

ROUND THE BUOYS CUP - Open to all cruisers. Not scheduled in 2013.

RAF TROPHY -  Dinghy event open to Club members who have served in the RAF or its reserves (at least one crewmember) and their families.

RNMDSF PENNANT -  Discontinued.

RNLI PENNANT -  Midweek series open to all dinghies.  May not be a ‘pennant’ in 2013.

SPENCE CUP - Open to National 18ft Class dinghies - to be raced in the open sea.

SINGLEHANDED TROPHY - Open to dinghies being sailed singlehanded.

TENNANT TROPHY - Open to National 18ft class dinghies - to be raced in the open sea. Allocated to the RS400 class in 2013.

TEN MILE TROPHY - Open to National 18ft Class dinghies. 10 mile race (at the discretion of the Class, this may be raced over one or more shorter courses).

OTHER TROPHIES - The Club has a number of other trophies that may be allocated to specific events or series. 


AMBASSADOR TROPHY - Best representative of RFYC sailing away from home waters.

BOBBY STEPHEN TROPHY - Dinghy Helm of the year.

BARTLAM TROPHY - Seamanship.

CHADWICK CUP - Owner of dinghy completing most number of races during the season, not winning another series or cup.

ELDERSLIE CUP - Best cruiser log. May take the form of a video diary or other electronic record.   

KIP MARINA AWARD - Best overall performance under 18 years on 31st October 2013

SENTINEL AWARD - Rescue award.

SMITHS’ NUT BOWL - Awarded to the Club Member who does the most entertaining thing during the year.

STUART FAMILY AWARD - Junior dinghy “Helm of the Year” (all races included), age under 17 years on 31st October 2013.


The club has a number of  trophies which have been donated for specific open events - see Notice of Race for the event.


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